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Pat Johnson

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  It is with deep sadness
that we must announce the closing of Live At The RRazz. As many of you know. the last several months have been monumentally challenging for us. It seems like all the forces in the universe have been working against us.  

These past twelve years of presenting shows in the San Francisco Bay Area have been a labor of love for us. To say that we have enjoyed the journey would be an understatement. We have been able to create performance spaces that became world renowned for their quality and diversity in programming. This is a huge honor and responsibility, and we held that close to our hearts. 

"The Empire Plush Room", "The RRazz Room", and "Live At The RRazz" represented and presented the best of all genres and tastes in entertainment: from R & B, funk, traditional and smooth jazz, rock & pop, doo-wop, comedy, opera, theatrical drag, performance art, Las Vegas spectacles and much more. The San Francisco Bay Area is the home of so many great talents, and we had the privilege of being able to be the "home" for many of them throughout these exciting years as well. 

In the course of running the business, RRazz was also able to raise tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations for such very important causes as St Jude Children's Research Hospital, The American Red Cross, Bread & Roses, The Booker T Washington Community Service Center, and Glide Memorial, just to name a few. The giving of time and money for such crucial organizations is food for the soul, and we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. 

One of the greatest quotes written about RRazz was that "It's the only hip, fresh, fun venue that creates a welcoming atmosphere for fans of The Mills Brothers and Lil Kim and everything in between, all in the same space".  Up and coming talent, legendary icons, local and international acts all had a place to perform and create their own special magic at RRazz. So successful was the "RRazz"  formula of booking that it became the road map for many other venues throughout the country and beyond. Many of you will return to the "house that RRazz built".  No matter the decor or the words on the door -- the Spirit and the Soul of RRazz fills our Room. 

At the end of the day, we are so very proud to have been able to accomplish so much in a relatively short amount of time. We are very humbled and appreciative to the San Francisco Bay Area for its willingness to let us realize our full potential. The experiences and relationships we will walk away with are priceless.  

We would be remiss in not thanking the special people who have been instrumental in our success:

  • Rita Moreno &
    Dr. Leonard Gordon
  • Deana Martin & John Griffeth
  • Dame Cleo Laine &
    Sir John Dankworth
  • Kitty Carlisle Hart 
  • David Lewis
  • Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson
  • Tee Alston
  • Freda Payne
  • Reverend Cecil Williams
    & Janice Mirikitani
  • Carie Harris
  • Pat Johnson
  • Rochelle Gerstenkorn
  • Bobby & Mary Caldwell
  • Jack White
  • Michael Cooper
  • Edwin Hawkins
  • Shelly Tatum
  • Jacques Pryor
  • Nikki Thomas
  • Jon Secada
  • Brian Panella
  • Diahann Carroll
  • Pia Zadora
  • Franc D'Ambrosio
  • Vesta Williams
  • Trudy Melvin
  • Jody Wenig
  • Vonda Shepard
  • Pete Escovedo, Juan Escovedo
    & Peter Michael Escovedo
  • Frank & Kathy Jackson
  • Wesla Whitfield & Mike Greensill
  • Tommy Igoe
  • Tim Hockenberry
  • Cheryl Scoma
  • Stefano Cassolato 
  • Donna Sachet
  • Roberta Drake
  • Kim Nalley
  • Denise Perrier
  • Tammy Hall
  • Veronica Klaus
  • Robert Vickers
  • Terese Genecco &
    Shaynee Rainbolt
  • Sharon McNight
  • John Ashby & Melanie Stace
  • Stuart Weiss
  • J Conrad Frank
  • Carly Ozard
  • Jonathan Poretz
  • Thom Ward
  • Bryan Foster
  • Nic Atamaniuk
  • Martin Carmona
  • Kris Koskela
  • Kevin Surace
  • Nicole Henry
  • Kelly Park
  • Arthur Shafman
  • Jane Olivor
  • Leslie Jordan
  • The Kinsey Sicks
  • Kate Clinton
  • Suzanne Westenhoefer
  • Tam Martin
  • Andrea Marcovicci
  • Lesley Alexander
  • Sally Kellerman
  • Desmond Lee
  • Carl Jukkola
  • Leslie Katz
  • Robert Sokol
  • Steve Murray
  • Jan Wahl
  • Martha Reeves
  • Dundee Holt
  • Beverly Lee
  • Edna Wright
  • Mary Wilson
  • CeCe & Barbara Peniston
  • Linda Clifford
  • Sarah Dash
  • Melba Moore
  • Ron Richardson
  • Angela Bofill
  • Barbara Cook
  • Tony Martin
  • Keely Smith
  • Jack Jones
  • Shirley Jones
  • Milt Suchin
... and countless others!   Warm, tangible, feel good memories are what fabulous lives are made of.  We are confident that RRazz was able to contribute lots of those beautiful memories these past several years in San Francisco.    Until we meet again ...

Robert Kotonly & Rory Paull